A new children’s book!

So, I’ve been collecting damaged/obsolete/hand-me-down books for practicing my craft. Among those was an old biography of Henry Ford. Before I begin carving a book, I always make sure that it isn’t rare in any way. Condition-wise, the book was in excellent shape, and I question if it was ever read. After running the ISBN through Google and finding that this book can be picked up very cheaply online, I decided it met my criteria for not being rare.

Now, the content of a book is also something I consider very carefully before converting it to art. I will not cut up a hardback fiction book if it still has potential for being read. But a book about a racist man whose ideas contributed greatly to industrial globalization? Heck yeah! Now there’s a book that needs to be made into something pretty! I do like cars, though.

I believe this will go very nicely in a nursery or young child’s room. More pictures coming later.

an old book converted to children's wall art; a carved book or book carving by Jedidiah Fleming