Jumping in; blades first (Pt. 2)

This is probably my sloppiest work. So why am I showing it to you? I don’t know! lol

This was another exercise. There was no end-goal here; just trying to get better at cutting.

The reason it is so sloppy is because this is one of those tiny New Testament Bibles. You know, like the ones the Baptists give out for free at their Halloween shindigs with all the good food and bounce houses? It was very difficult to work with something so small and with such thin pages! But, that’s why I did it. “Surely,” I thought, “if I can carve up one of these, I can carve a bigger book better.” And, I believe it worked.

But still, it isn’t the piece I’m most proud of. It was a good exercise though.

Bible book carving
Bible book carving